There are an abundance of diverse opportunities in the food industry to satisfy any interest, from production and tech support to marketing and regulation. Here are just a few options for food technology grads to consider:

  • Product Development: Creating new food products or improving the quality and performance of existing offerings
  • Research and Development: Investigating food components or processes by applying scientific principles
  • Processing or Preservation Specialists: Improving food systems and applications for added efficiency or quality
  • Management: Coordinating the interconnected processes to oversee development, operations and business organization
  • Distribution: Focusing on global market systems including logistics, supply chains, import/export and shipping
  • Academic Research: Some graduates choose to continue their studies with a PhD, focusing on academic research related to the food industry

European Master graduates typically find employment in the food industry – almost 50% in R&D positions. Quality Assurance, PhD studies and Management positions each account for approximately 10% of the positions taken by graduates.

As far as we have been able to track the European Master alumni careers, it is estimated that at least 60% were hired by one of the sponsoring companies in the programme.